Welcome home in Bologna!

When I was a child, I liked fairy tales, especially if they were set abroad, if they told about ancient times, and if they could open my mind to something very far from me.

When I was a student, my favourite subjects were: foreign languages (English and German), geography, history and art.

I have always liked travelling, first in my mind, then in reality.
But I've always been so unconsciously attached to my hometown, that I've always come back. Maybe, my desire of getting in touch with other cultures and people finds its deep reason only in going away and coming back.... otherwise, how could I appreciate it?
Some years ago, suddenly, I realised that I could do the same while staying at home, as well.
I had the property of this old house, well kept and close to the house where I live, and I thought it could be the right moment to change: I decided to start welcoming guests in Bologna.
I believe that you can travel also without moving: in this way, you can "travel" 365 days a year!
When I welcome people in Bologna, I have the occasion of meeting tourists, workers, relatives, friends, etc., coming for many different reasons, from everywhere, and every guest is something more I learn of the world.
I really love this job, it opens my mind and my eyes.
And I hope many more guests will enrich my soul for many years.
Keep in touch for the next stories.