Silvia and her family love travelling, so they have decided to open the house and welcome those travellers who wish a cheap accommodation, different from the one offered by hotels, and share the idea of travelling as opportunity of getting in touch with the different places, or who simply like home atmosphere and look for a good relaxing accommodation. In 2012 this was the idea of this Bed and Breakfast in Bologna.

Here our guests will have the possibility to live in one of best Bologna central residential areas (Saragozza) like a Bolognese inhabitant: there are non-touristic but authentic shops and restaurants, attended by people living here themselves.

The house has a beautiful garden with fruit trees, at guests' disposal, which is next to the Melloni Park: an ancient park of a 19th century villa, it is a green and quiet area, with several kinds of plants and trees, some of which noteworthy, such as a rare giant sequoia.

It occupies a portion of the old park of Villa Melloni, a late 19th century building surrounded by ornamental greenery, which is still visible just beyond the fence. On the land of the old property, sold from the beginning of the century, the buildings that today overlook the public area were built. The garden was handed over to the municipal administration by the widow of the aviation colonel Vittorio Melloni and opened to the public in 1984. The area is dominated by ornamental trees and shrubs, including many evergreens, but fruit trees can still be found which testify to the past use agricultural part of the land. Some specimens of considerable size stand out, including a centuries-old sequoia and a white poplar, witnesses of the park of the villa and of the spontaneous vegetation that grew close to the Ravone; the route of the small stream, covered in recent years, is marked by a raised path on the edge of the garden.

Il Parco Melloni The park next to our garden