1. Entrance to the house
Guests must give notice to the owners of the arrival and the departure for the law registrations. No regular people commit a crime punished by law. Visitors must ask for authorization, as well. Arrival and departure hours must be communicated for the delivery and the return of the keys.
2. Behaviour rules
In a collective residence like Il Giardino nel Parco, single guest's behaviour must observe the basic tolerance, respect and collaboration rules towards the other guests and the cleaning staff, in order to guarantee the daily living together.
Guests are asked to keep the order and the house environment preservation in the common areas. In addition, they must ensure the house to be closed during their absence, and anyway they have to be careful to do everything a good householder would do, in order to avoid strangers' intrusion inside the whole house, during the whole period of their own stay.
Silence must be kept during the afternoon hours (13:00 - 16:00) and the night (23:00 - 7:30).
TV can be watched at low volume.
It is forbidden:
1) to destinate any part of the common areas to anyone's exclusive use, to occupy them or however to block the use by the other guests
2) to disturb the other guests
3) to attend the common areas in pyjamas or, however, not properly dressed in the respect of the house's and guests' dignity
4) to keep inflammables, noxious and/or radioactive substances, to light candles and any other kind of "free flame" in the common areas and inside the rooms
5) to throw or deposit rubbish or waste outside the containers
6) to throw anything into the drains, which could clog it
7) to change something in the furniture or the rooms
8) to tamper with the electric plant
9) to use stoves or cookers of any kind except what at disposal
10) to smoke everywhere inside the house, rooms included
11) to keep weapons of every kind
12) to have and use drugs
13) to light fire
3. Damages, staining, loss/not return of the keys
In case of damages or staining of the building, the furniture, the objects, the electrical appliances and of loss or not return of the keys before departure, the damage will be paid by the guest who caused it. This kind of payments will be made immediately and cash.
4. Legal responsabilities
Guests who damage the building, the furniture, the objects and the electrical appliances are legally responsible according to the laws in force. Thefts and intentional damages will be immediately reported. Il Giardino nel Parco will not undertake any responsability for valuables (money, jewels, mobile phones, notebooks and similar objects, etc.) kept and left in guests' rooms or in the common areas.
In order to guarantee a quiet stay, the owners can send away guests who don't respect the rules.
5. Arrivals and departures
Guests are admitted to the room only during the hours above-mentioned ("Services") on the arrival date, except for other specific agreement on booking. Anyway, the arrival hours must be communicated at least 24 hours before the arrival. In case of delay, customers shall let it know by phone. Rooms must be left free by 10:00 on the departure date, except for specific authorization. Guests leaving after 10:00 will pay an additional day of stay.
6. Daily cleaning
Rooms, bathrooms and common areas are cleaned every day; the staff has the right to enter in order to do the above-mentioned necessary operations.
7. Pets
Guests' pets will be welcome if requested and authorized on booking. They will be always and however under full responsability of the guest, who will completely be responsible for them. The owners can ask to send away those pets which damage or disturb too much. In this case, guests will not be entitled to any refund for the possible end of the stay caused by such events.
8. Jurisdiction
In case of controversies, the applicable law will be the Italian one and the Law Court in Bologna will be competent. The booking confirmation entails that the Customer knows and accepts the terms, conditions and specific rules established by the room & breakfast and by law.